A little bit about Moremi Game Reserve

Welcome to the oldest protected section of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

A 100 years after explorer David Livingstone called this land ‘country full of rivers’, the environment and wildlife in the Moremi area were under threat. It is because of the bold, local Batawana people that this area was proclaimed Moremi Game Reserve in 1963, making Moremi the oldest and first protected reserve of the Okavango Delta.

As a sign of gratitude, the reserve is named after Batawana tribe members, Chief Moremi III and his wife. Now, the Moremi Game Reserve is one of the most diverse reserves with surprises everywhere, even for the most seasoned Africa-travelers.

Going on a Moremi Safari

Are you considering or planning a trip to the Moremi Game Reserve? It will be an unforgettable journey. Before you hop on a plane, we would like to provide a bit more background information. (If only to stir the anticipation of going!)

Chances are you have plenty of questions; what is the best time to travel to the Moremi? What should I pack? No worries, get ready to discover more in the sections below. Please use our contact form below for more questions you might have.

  • Watching the sunrise from the deck of one's room and listening to the call of the African Fish Eagles makes this a paradise to any wildlife photographer.

    TinusMariaan about Belmond Khwai River Camp on Tripadvisor
  • Absolute dream vacation. Took our then 12 and 14 year old daughters, who cried when we left. The people, the service, the food, the view, the safaris.... If you every get the opportunity GO!!

    Ocala about Sanctuary Chief's Camp on Tripadvisor
  • Our guide OD was wonderful and willingly shared his vast knowledge and insight of the animals. We were incredibly lucky to see the packs of wild dogs three days running.

    moira c about Camp Moremi on Tripadvisor

Moremi safari lodges

At one of Africa’s most unique locations, you will find the most heart warming hospitality, the fluffiest towels, yummiest homemade muffins and unforgettable views from your own deck.

Let us help you find the best safari home in the Moremi Game Reserve. All lodges in the Moremi are intimate, personal and provide the ultimate atmosphere to truly recline and reconnect with nature.

  • Straight off the small plane, straight into a jeep and within minutes we were seeing 3 different animals. WOW!

    mirike123 about Camp Xakanaxa on Tripadvisor
  • The camp works hard to minimise its environmental footprint and when staying at Khwai you feel like you are nature's guest and not intruding. The tents are spacious, clean and the beds super comfy.

    Elna S about Khwai Tented Camp on Tripadvisor
  • The camp is beautifully appointed and maintained and the food was excellent, whether served in the dining room or outside under the shade of the huge trees.

    Tigris15 about Camp Okuti on Tripadvisor

Moremi Video

The best way of getting an idea what the Moremi Game Reserve is about is by seeing some incredible footage from the area. View this video of Camp Moremi to experience one of the lodges and wildlfe in the game reserve.

Be careful, after watching this video you can be sure that you want to travel to Botswana. Today.

  • It is truly the Land of Plenty. It is hard to drive for more than a few minutes without coming across zebra, giraffe, impala or other game.

    TaxiMike about Mombo Camp on Tripadvisor
  • Quite a number of animals are passing through the camp – imagine you are in the swimming pool and a group of elephants is passing by only a few meters from you without any “protection” in between!

    Harald W about Machaba Camp on Tripadvisor
  • We loved Moremi, mainly because it was the least developed and crowded of all the parks we visited.

    SWNH about Sango Safari Camp on Tripadvisor

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