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How to get to Moremi Game Reserve

Travelling to the Moremi Game Reserve

You will always start your Moremi trip in Maun, the ‘tourist capital’ of Botswana and a relatively small (55.000 people) Kalahari town. To get there you fly via Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kasane or Victoria Falls. Once in Maun, the adventure begins as you hop on a small plane that transports you to your first accommodation. Look down during the flight and gaze at 10,000 square miles of waterways, reed beds, water lilies and palm-tree islands. Welcome to Moremi Game Reserve!

Getting to Moremi Game Reserve by air

International air travel

A couple flight possibilities are available for those travelling by air to Moremi. Your starting point is Maun International Airport (MUB). Maun has multiple daily connections with Johannesburg (Airlink and Air Botswana) and five weekly connections with Cape Town (Airlink). More information about flights to and from Maun can be viewed on our Maun Moremi Airport page.

Domestic air travel

It is also possible to travel domestically from Gabarone to Maun (daily). Flights from Kanane to Maun and return are offered twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and are ideal for travellers visiting the Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park areas. More information about flights to and from Maun can be viewed on our Maun Moremi Airport page.

From Maun to your Moremi lodge

When arrived in Maun your Moremi safari adventure really is about to start. From here it is another 30 to 45 minutes short flight to your destination. All onward connections to the Moremi are operated by Mack Air. Once landed at the airstrip your choosen lodge will pick you and transfer you to your final destination where a cold drink will be ready and waiting.

Rates Mack Air shuttle flights Moremi

Rates may vary depending on your destination in Moremi. As a general guideline the price for a seat in plane ticket is between US$ 210 and US$ 240 per person per way.

Shuttle flights to Moremi lodges

The Mack Air flights from Maun to your Moremi lodge are operated as a shuttle service. As such these flights should not be considered as scheduled flights. Departure times and routings may vary depending on traveller requirements and local weather conditions. Flight times are subject to change without notice. Passengers travelling on a seat in plane basis may have up to two stops enroute to their destination.

Baggage restrictions

Mack Air flights to Moremi are operated by means of small aircraft (e.g. Cessna Grand Caravan or Beechcraft 1900). As such, space for luggage on the aircraft is limited and the following allowance applies: you may carry 20 kgs (44lbs) per person in a soft duffel-type bag, this includes hand luggage and camera equipment. When you are carrying excess baggage Mack Air offers complementary baggage storage at Maun Airport (unless notified in advance). These limitations are strictly adhered to.

Getting to Moremi Game Reserve by road

Moremi Game Reserve is accessible when travelling by (rental) vehicle. A 4x4 vehicle is required.

Visa information Botswana - travelling with children

Since South Africa introduced its stringent new child regulations on 01 June 2015 Botswana has followed suit by introducing similar regulations in respect of minors entering and exiting the country.

Unfortunately there is no official Botswana Government document outlining exactly what the regulations and requirements are. The key difference between South Africa and Botswana is South Africa requires an unabridged birth certificate whilst Botswana will accept either original birth certificate or a certified copy:

  • A single parent travelling with a child/children, without being accompanied by the other parent, must be able to prove they are the biological parent of the child by means of a birth certificate (original or a certified copy). There is no requirement for a consent to travel from the other parent.
  • If the parent has remarried and the name shown on the child's birth certificate does not correspond with the name shown on the parent's passport the parent must carry an original copy or certified copy of their marriage certificate.
  • Visitors entering Botswana from South Africa will be in possession of what we believe to be all the necessary documentation.
  • Visitors to Botswana from Zimbabwe or Zambia (who have not come from or are not continuing to South Africa), should preferably carry original documentation i.e birth certificate and/or marriage certificate but if this is not possible they must carry certified copies.