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Xigera Safari Lodge

Lodge style Unveiling the wilderness in style

A symphony of luxury and wilderness in Moremi

Discover a blend of unrivalled opulence and untamed beauty at the heart of Botswana's Moremi Game Reserve, where Xigera Safari Lodge effortlessly introduces guests to the sheer enchantment of African wilderness. This unique safari retreat, pronounced 'Kee-jera', is as devoted to preserving the indigenous environment as it is to delivering an unforgettable luxury safari experience. The lodge distinguishes itself through an unwavering dedication to sustainability, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding ecosystem while offering every conceivable luxury and comfort.

In a world where the charm of eco-tourism is gaining momentum, Xigera Safari Lodge surpasses expectations by reviving the notion of luxury in harmony with nature. The lodge’s contemporary design is inspired by the natural splendour of Moremi and the Okavango Delta, with organic shapes and earthy tones that pay homage to the local wildlife, flora, and indigenous culture. Every detail is handcrafted by African artisans, adding a significant personal touch to the lodge's distinctive style. This environmentally conscious ethos has become the hallmark of Xigera, promising an experience of seamless integration with the wild.

Stepping inside the private suites of Xigera Safari Lodge is akin to walking into a celebration of African heritage and craftsmanship. Each room is meticulously designed, offering guests an immersive experience, draped in elements of tribal culture, colours of the African savannah, and hints of modern elegance.

At the heart of each suite is an exquisite four-poster bed, custom designed and inspired by the intricate nests of the local weaver birds. The use of rich textiles and unique prints creates a sense of warmth and comfort that makes every room feel like a personal sanctuary.

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors provide stunning panoramic views of the wilderness, allowing guests to soak in the ethereal African sunsets and engage with the vibrant local wildlife right from their room. Bathrooms are spaces of serene indulgence, with deep soaking tubs and outdoor showers offering an intimate connection with nature, a luxury only Xigera can provide.

Each room extends into a private deck equipped with a daybed, where guests can unwind under the vast African sky. There's no better place to savour the tranquillity of the delta, witnessing the majestic play of light and shadow as day transitions into night. It is an unadulterated connection to nature, paired with the sophistication of modern living, creating a distinct sense of place and peace.

Activities at Xigera Safari Lodge

Enjoy day and night While Xigera Safari Lodge is located in a water-rich section of Moremi, its allure extends far beyond the wetlands, introducing guests to an array of unique safari experiences. Game drives form an integral part of the Xigera adventure, offered year-round and subject to the rhythm of African wildlife. Setting out in open 4x4 vehicles, guests can behold the riveting spectacle of wildlife in their natural habitat. During the chillier or wetter days, Xigera ensures your comfort isn't compromised. You will be provided with hot water bottles, cosy blankets, and lined ponchos, helping you to keep your focus on the enthralling landscapes and captivating wildlife.

An undeniable highlight of Xigera is its array of water-based activities. You can glide across the serene waterways of the delta in a two-seater glass-bottom mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe, offering a unique perspective on aquatic life beneath the lily-covered surface. This is truly an experience that sets Xigera apart, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the tranquil aquatic rhythm of the Okavango.

Six-seater motorboats are also available, two of which are fitted with a glass bottom, and two featuring an upper-level roof seating structure, offering an enhanced vantage point from which to survey the landscape. Please note that these water-based adventures are subject to seasonal water levels. Regardless of the season, each day at Xigera promises a unique blend of adventure and tranquillity, forever imprinting the magic of the Moremi in your memory.

Xigera Baobab treehouse (add-on)

An add-on that every guest should consider at Xigera Safari Lodge is the enchanting experience of the Baobab Treehouse. Named after the emblematic Baobab tree, a beacon of life and resilience in the African landscape, the treehouse takes luxury to new heights, literally and figuratively. Perched ten metres above the ground, this secluded retreat offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the surrounding wilderness. It is an unforgettable experience to lay back on the plush, outdoor daybed, enveloped by the whisper of the Moremi breeze and the melodic chorus of nocturnal creatures. Remember, the Xigera Treehouse is a sought-after experience, and needs to be pre-booked to secure your night amongst the stars.

Tripadvisor comments Xigera Safari Lodge

To the perfect leopard with Gin tasting sundowner, dinner around the fire pit with fantastic 8 courses and wine, and morning elephant walking into sunrise and lion walking towards my amazing suite. Completely perfect

Then there is the ‘tree house‘, three floors, hot and cold running water for a shower and a flushing toilet! Next floor has a four poster bed or you can sleep under the stars on the top floor, just unbelievable!